RSB, prime renovation contractors

You have a renovation project that you wish to accomplish? Our team has some of the most qualified experts to advise and provide you with solutions that are adapted to your needs. We will work together on the plans and design aspects to achieve your desired project. RSB guarantees complete coverage; on site coordination of the workforce, material management, security measures, and quality control, etc.

  • Residential projects

We have kept CAA-Quebec’s trust for many years now in carrying out renovation projects for their clients. We are your experts for kitchen, basement, bathroom, dining room, and all other room renovations. Our specialists will take care of everything, from construction to renovation and transformation of your living space.

  • Commercial projects

Our network of professionals is the most qualified to answer your every need in real estate and commercial renovation. We are equipped to accomplish large scale projects and to deliver turnkey solutions in order for you to maximise the potential use of your space.

  • Indoor & outdoor renovations

Tell us about your indoor and outdoor renovation needs. New ceiling or flooring, laying tiles or ceramic, exterior finishing, fireplace, indoor and terrace refurbishment; RSB provides a personalized service and ensures top quality work.

  • Expansion & reconfiguration

Your living space is precious and you should be able to enjoy it to the fullest. From building new rooms to refurbishing a commercial space, RSB guarantees high-precision work. Whether you wish to put up new walls, add a basement or make use of unused space, our innovative solutions will allow you to fully optimize your available space.

  • Restoration

Put your trust in RSB for any building that you wish to have rebuilt in part or for which you want the appearance to be restored. Our team of experts will bring the building back to life. Our work techniques allow us to reproduce a building’s original appearance with a high level of precision. Whatever the project, we will rise to the challenge!

  • Roofing, doors & windows

A well-built roof is critical to ensure a building’s waterproofing. The choice of materials, the structure, and the overlay are very important to ensure a lasting build. RSB is an expert in roofing renovations; you can trust our team for refurbishing and waterproofing your roof.

Doors and windows can be built in a variety of architectural designs, and can be made of many different materials. With their thorough work method, our team is sure to provide a solution that is adapted to your needs and current installations.