RSB, prime contractors in waterproofing

  • Roof and patio roofing

Depending on the type of building, a roof can be waterproofed in various ways.

Our team guarantees to find a solution that will adapted to your needs and ensure durability. RSB is the right enterprise for all your roof prevention and repair needs: roof covering, roof underlayment, vapour shield, ribbed steel sheet, waterproof materials, etc.

  • Building envelope

A building envelope that is in poor shape can cause some serious energy loss.

Aging buildings with poor construction can increase your property heating costs by up to 40%. RSB offers adapted solutions in building insulation to ensure that your property is sealed, in order to avoid energy loss.

  • Masonry and foundations

Water leaks and humidity in your basement can cause mold that is harmful to one’s health.

In Quebec, the freeze-thaw cycle can damage a building’s walls and foundation, and create cracks that lead to water leaks. Our team provides a full range of services, such as repairing cracks, foundation membranes, drainage, and waterproof masonry to keep your property waterproof and ensure a longer lifetime.