The RSB Certification

With our pool of qualified professionals, RSB prime contractors provide the highest quality service. All of our partners meet rigorous standards, and have been selected based on their expertise and project portfolios. We guarantee professional work that meets the industry’s highest standards.

A complete profile verification is conducted for every candidate. The registration documents, official certification documents, project portfolio, and client satisfaction are all examined periodically to validate our partners’ conformity as well as the quality of service provided by each and every one of them.

Required documents :

  • CSST Number
  • CCQ registration
  • Revenu Québec proof of conformity
  • Client references
  • Régie du bâtiment du Québec License

We are looking to build the most complete network of specialized partners to ensure we provide our clients the best turnkey service there is. To obtain the RSB certification and become our partner, please communicate with our partner services department.